Consulting Services

Licensing & Applications

GCG has guided clients through the license application process in Massachusetts, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Illinois, Maryland, and Oregon. Let us put this wealth of experience to work helping you compile and submit a cannabis business license application in your state. Contact GCG today for your free 1-hour initial consultation.

Licensing & Application Services:

·       Process planning and project management

·       Application response and required document drafting

·       Project and operational budgeting

·       Community support strategy

Entity Formation & Business Structuring

Starting a business in the cannabis industry is different than opening a restaurant or a haberdashery. Because cannabis is a Schedule 1 controlled substance, business owners in the industry face additional hurdles. GCG has formed entities across the country and has the tools and the knowledge to help cannabis industry entrepreneurs properly structure their businesses.

Entity Formation & Business Structuring Services

·       Entity organization/incorporation

·       Business structuring strategy

·       Business plan drafting

Technical Documentation & Compliance

Documenting key business processes is a crucial operational practice that separates good businesses from great ones. Our operational plans and standard operating procedures help business owners maintain consistency and continuity in a dynamic industry that experiences high levels of employee turnover. Don’t watch your processing operations fall apart and your intellectual property walk out the door when your extract artist or master grower moves on to greener pastures. All GCG technical documentation is 100% guaranteed to meet or exceed the regulatory requirements of your state.

Technical Documentation & Compliance Services:

·       Process analysis and documentation

·       Process optimization

·       Operational plan drafting

·       SOP drafting

·       SOP review and optimization

Training & Support 

GCG helps its clients develop and implement employee training programs based on industry best practices. Our employee training materials ensure that every individual in your organization goes through the same training process and has access to uniform educational materials to provide operational support.

Training and Support Services:

·       Employee training material drafting

·       General and custom employee training session development

·       Staffing plan

·       Employee handbook and expectations